Thursday, 6 October 2011

Escalope Sandwich

This month the lovely ladies from Film & Food have asked us to recreate a recipe that brings back childhood memories.

It hasn't been easy to choose just one. Fricandó (Catalan sort of stew), my Mom's rice, my Dad's fish stew, pasta... These were some of my favourite dishes. Any day we were having these dishes was a great one for me.

I've chosen escalope sandwiches because to me it tastes of holidays, trips, games and adventures. It's what my Mom used to prepare me for school trips.

I really enjoy eating it, but it has never been quite the same. The sandwich tasted nicer when I was little, maybe because I used to eat it outdoors or maybe because after a few hours "sweating" in my rucksack the flavours infused.

They weren't always made with llonguet rolls, but llonguets is a Catalan type of bread which is disappearing these days. When I was little you could find them everywhere and they were delicious!

Doing some research I found this recipe from Ma Petite Boulangerie, I made exactly what she says, she explains it very well and even has videos! Please, forgive me for not translating the whole bread making process. It's really hard work to keep up with the two blogs, the English and the Catalan one, but please, don't hesitate to contact me if you ever want to make llonguets, I'll email you all the details.

Escalope Sandwich

1 turkey breast fillet
1 egg whisked
Bread crumbs

Well, this part is easy. Some salt on the fillets, soak it in the egg, coat it with the bread crumbs and then pan fry until golden and cooked through. Eat with the rolls.